Native Stories

The Thunderbirds and Their Niece

Apä’cĭmĭn (Acorn of the Red Oak, John V. Satterlee, Menominee) and Alanson Skinner Once upon a time, long ago, there was a young girl who lay asleep, not knowing anything. All at once she came to consciousness. Not having any parents she merely woke and knew her beginning. She rose and looked around. Then she started away walking along and wondering. She came to a river and stood there and […]

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The Hunter and the Snow

Chief Shunien Josette (Silver, 1827-†), Menominee Chief Niopet Oshkosh (Four in a Den, 1829-†), Menominee A man who had dream power lived with his family. He hunted in the winter and had his lodge pitched a little distance from the neighboring wigwams. One day in the spring when he was hunting through the woods and over the plains, it was very hot, and the snow began to melt. As he […]

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