White Squall

Great Stories of Freshwater Sailing
From the Native water monster who raised canoe-killing storms to thousand-foot cargo ships, sailing on the Great Lakes has inspired autobiography, folksong, poetry, drama, and fiction about some of the most beautiful, most dangerous, waters in the world. In the words of those who lived them, here are stories of dangers and triumphs, ghosts and mysteries, and daredevil risks and losses. Writers describe their experiences of war on the lakes, early canoe travel, work on sailing ships, yacht racing, steamer travel, and the great bulk carriers. Their accounts are edited with introductions, illustrated with photographs and drawings, and accompanied by notes and a glossary of sailing terms. Heavy-weather sailors, arm-chair sailors, and every reader in between will find something interesting. White Squall is a history of the Great Lakes written by those who knew them best in all times and all weathers from the beginning to the present.

Available March 2018