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Star Songs and Water Spirits: A Great Lakes Native Reader

A first-ever collection of Native songs, stories, sacred texts, and poetry from the beginnings of Native culture on the lakes up to the present. Organized by the seasons and filled with star lore, Star Songs is a complete compendium of Great Lakes Native literatures. This title is being used as a textbook at the University of Michigan in Native Studies and Languages.

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The Women’s Great Lakes Reader

Offers accounts of women lightkeepers, Natives, fur traders, cooks on sailing vessels, missionaries, and fearless women travellers who wrote of their journeys on the lakes from 1789 to the present. Listed by the Michigan Department of Education as one of the Fifty Essential Michigan History Books.

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A Little History of My Forest Life

The autobiography of a Chippewa-Scots woman from Madeline Island in Lake Superior. The child and grandchild of fur traders, Eliza Morrison describes Metis culture, and her travels by boat, dog sled, and on foot. She gives a 19th-century woman’s view of the Wisconsin Death March, the Dream Dance, Native marriage and burial customs, making maple sugar, and the Chippewa-Dakota War.

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Kaskaskia Illinois-to-French Dictionary

Edited by Carl Masthay Carl Masthay, Ph.D. (linguistics), of Polish ancestry from Southington, Connecticut, a Chinese translator in the U.S. Air Force in the early 1960s, and a retired medical manuscript editor at Mosby, Inc., for 33 years, began early study of Algonquian languages stimulated by place-name study, culminating in a 47-page monograph on Mahican-language hymns (1980) and 11 years of work on his 200-page Schmick’s Mahican Dictionary, published by […]

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The Thunderbirds and Their Niece

Apä’cĭmĭn (Acorn of the Red Oak, John V. Satterlee, Menominee) and Alanson Skinner Once upon a time, long ago, there was a young girl who lay asleep, not knowing anything. All at once she came to consciousness. Not having any parents she merely woke and knew her beginning. She rose and looked around. Then she started away walking along and wondering. She came to a river and stood there and […]

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The Hunter and the Snow

Chief Shunien Josette (Silver, 1827-†), Menominee Chief Niopet Oshkosh (Four in a Den, 1829-†), Menominee A man who had dream power lived with his family. He hunted in the winter and had his lodge pitched a little distance from the neighboring wigwams. One day in the spring when he was hunting through the woods and over the plains, it was very hot, and the snow began to melt. As he […]

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Star Songs and Water Spirits – Review in Lake Superior Magazine

Reviews Star Songs and Water Spirits: A Great Lakes Native Reader Edited by Victoria Brehm Ladyslipper Press ISBN: 978-0-9843340-0-1 $27.95 Softcover Victoria Brehm, a resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is accustomed to tackling far-reaching subjects for her books. She is, after all, author of The Women’s Great Lakes Reader. But with Star Songs and Water Spirits she’s created a masterwork and an accumulated treasure. Having a non-Indian person gather traditional […]

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